The 5 Key Elements of Great Web Design

March 01, 2014

No matter the type of design in question, the basic principles and elements of web design remain true. Following these principles will help you combine these design elements and get an effective and good website. Web design is more than simply slapping HTML tags on a page as these principles must be followed in order to create useful and pleasing design. As such, remember these five elements if you want to create the most aesthetically effective and attractive web design.


In web design, balance refers to distribute both the light and heavy elements equally on one page. This is mainly showcased on your web page layout. Visual balance must be achieved throughout the pages and not in the first view only. Your web designer might advise you to have the text and other elements centered on the web page. Balanced can be achieved in three ways: there is symmetrical where the elements are placed evenly, but you should be careful rest your site appears plain boring or flat. Then there is asymmetrical, which involves use of strategies like color and texture varying and finally the discordant symmetrical which seems to suggest off balance motion or action.


Contrast in web design involves more than simply colors and white or black as it incorporates contrasting sizes, textures and shapes as well. Full advantage of contrast can be taken by changing the font size, family and weight to create varying sizes of elements and images and even textual contrast.


Emphasis in web design mainly involves main paints that the eyes are drawn into most. Some web design companies make the mistake of advising their clients that they should make everything stand out n their website. Remember that having everything with equal emphasis gives your entire web page a busy look and might be unappealing in the long run. As such, focus more on creating a visual hierarchy and emphasize only the right elements and not just everything.


Repetition or rhythm in web design aims at bringing the required internal consistency in web designs. You can repeat nearly all the elements to create an incredibly pleasing rhythm in the design. You can decide to repeat the headline a couple of times to emphasize more, repeat one image all over the page, have a tiled background or one patterned with some repetitive elements or even repeat a given style to achieve web design consistency.


Site’s proximity or unit is what makes similar elements look a like in a site and those different further apart while pulling everything else together in one integrated while. This is mainly achieved via proper web layout placement and can be implemented in many ways. The layout of the elements can be adjusted and you will be able to achieve great results.

Good web design companies will ensure that they keep in mind all these design elements ensuring that the website they create looks pleasant, attractive and incredibly effective.

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